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3D Metal Printing

Artificial Embryos

Sensing City

Cloud-based AI services

Duelling Neural Networks

Babel Fish earbuds

Zero-carbon Natural Gas

Perfecting Online Privacy

Genetic Fortune Telling

Materials’ Quantum Leap


Reversing Paralysis
Self-Driving Trucks
Face-detecting systems now authorize payments
Practical Quantum Computers
360-Degree Selfie
Hot Solar Cells
Gene Therapy 2.0
The Cell Atlas
Botnets of Things
Reinforcement Learning


Immune Engineering
Precise Gene Editing in Plants
Conversational Interfaces
Reusable Rockets
Robots That Teach Each Other
DNA App Store
SolarCity’s Gigafactory
Tesla Autopilot
Power from the Air


Magic Leap
Car-to-Car Communication
Project Loon
Liquid Biopsy
Megascale Desalination
Apple Pay
Brain Organoids
Supercharged Photosynthesis
Internet of DNA


Agricultural Drones
Ultraprivate Smartphones
Brain Mapping
Neuromorphic Chips
Genome Editing
Microscale 3-D Printing
Mobile Collaboration
Oculus Rift
Agile Robots
Smart Wind and Solar Power


The Bionic Eye: A Retinal Implant That Can Receive Updates

Hard Drives Filled With Helium

Displays Get Insanely High Definition

The First Lab-Grown Burger Is Eaten

First Flying Car Gets Tested Publicly

3D Printers Are Taken To The Next Level

The Reality of Drone Technologies Go Public

Smart Watches
Ultra-Efficient Solar Power
Memory Implants
Prenatal DNA Sequencing
Deep Learning
Additive Manufacturing
Big Data from Cheap Phones
Temporary Social Media
Baxter: The Blue-Collar Robot


Raspberry Pi