Artificial Intelligence Thinking Forward

Hello Brothers And Sisters Of Science, Today We’re Going To Evaluate The Future Of A.I. Lets Start With The Best Logic Possible, When A New Technology Is Being Produced There Should Always Be An Obvious Need To Analyze The Risks And Rewards Of Designing And Implementing Said Technology, That Being Said The World Of Technology Is Hurtling Forward At Breakneck Speed And Growing On The Backs Of Sciences Like Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence. Some See This Technology As The Four Horseman Bringing An End To Humanity, Others As Angels From Heaven Sent To Save Us From Ourselves, Both Points Of View Contain A Fair Amount Of Examples Proving There Hypothetical Points. If We Look At Technologies Of The Past They Have All Gone Though The Gauntlet Of Good And Bad, So As A Whole Its Expected To Have Good And Evil Uses. So As A Society We Need To Find Out Its Greatest Strengths And Weaknesses And Use Those To Our Advantage By Being Ready For The Worst While Using The Technology To Advance Our Culture And the World. For Example The Concept That A.I. Could Be Used By Various Organizations To Create Mayhem Is Quite Likely And Is Most Probably Already Happening, Not Much We Can Do About That Especially Given The Small Percent Of The Population That Have The Interest Or Access To The Education Needed To Build These Technologies. So We Need To Build A New Plan Of Action Educating The Populace. Now Lets Be Realistic Here, When Educating The Populace A: Not Everyone Is Going To Understand B: Of Those Who Do Understand Not Everyone Is Going To Care. But For The Small Populace Of Those That Do There Is A lot That Can Be Done. For Starters Lets Look At Just Some Of The Separate Systems A.I Can Be Applied:

School Systems: Everything From Simple Attendance To Danger Prevention, Schools Are One Of The Most Important Establishments As Well As One Of The Most Unappreciated And Under Funded Systems. The Need For Higher Educated Individuals Ready To Solve Problems Is Higher Than Ever.

Infrastructure: Simple Problems, From Identifying Road Damage And Infrastructure (*Bridges, Buildings, Ect.) Wear-down To Smart Structures And Automated Repairs. This Has Been A Growing Problem For Many Years And Is Now Being Acknowledged As A Legitimate Threat To Public Safety In A Lot Of Places In The United States And World Wide.

Healthcare: We All Need Healthcare But Sickness Can Be Expensive And Confusing. With Automated Patient Sign Up Systems And The Development Of A.I Doctors And Nurses We Can Greatly Decrease The Cost Of Healthcare As Well As Support The Wonderful Medical Professionals Saving Lives Everyday.


These Are Just A Few Of The Indefinite Number Of Places A.I Can Be Used To Change The World. But Its Easy To Discuss The Ideas, Not Quite As Easy To Find Real World Solutions For Them. For This We Have Formed The Brotherhood Of Science, We Are Formulating These Solutions, And You Can To By Joining Us. We Share Our Scientific Ideas And Technology With All Our Members Solving World Wide Problems.

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